Time to switch QuakerQuaker

Time to switch QuakerQuaker: I think it’s time to move QuakerQuaker.org over to the new site. I first talked about this last fall in “Big Changes Coming.” The new site is not necessarily ready but this has always been a website’s that’s about experimentation and evolution. It will change and grow

Some of the things I wanted to do won’t happen. Most frustratingly, the old website won’t export very well. The Ning platform we’re moving from is too inconsistent (just one more symptom of a web service that long ago went to seed). I have a less-integrated backup that I will try to provide. In the meantime, I’d like everyone to try this new site and give feedback in the comments below. If some of you could also help one more time with funding the transition, that would be helpful; the Paypal’s about $30 short. You can use the PaypalMe account to help out.

–Martin for QuakerQuaker