Time to switch QuakerQuaker

Time to switch QuakerQuaker: I think it’s time to move QuakerQuaker.org over to the new site. I first talked about this last fall in “Big Changes Coming.” The new site is not necessarily ready but this has always been a website’s that’s about experimentation and evolution. It will change and grow

Some of the things I wanted to do won’t happen. Most frustratingly, the old website won’t export very well. The Ning platform we’re moving from is too inconsistent (just one more symptom of a web service that long ago went to seed). I have a less-integrated backup that I will try to provide. In the meantime, I’d like everyone to try this new site and give feedback in the comments below. If some of you could also help one more time with funding the transition, that would be helpful; the Paypal’s about $30 short. You can use the PaypalMe account to help out.

–Martin for QuakerQuaker


  • don bas

    More as a game:
    27$ Short.Pay Pal now after I paid $3. (10% of my dayly income)

  • BrianY

    Hi Martin–

    Thanks for all the work on this. I have to admit that I haven’t been on QQ for probably a couple of years, so none of my comments should carry much weight–but:

    1) I’m unclear on authentication for existing members. Will you be moving over the accounts from the old QQ, or will everyone need to establish new ones? If the latter, will there be any way to move over the content of the user pages from the old QQ (I seem to remember there being such, though perhaps I’m thinking of some other site…)?

    And then how does comment authentication work? Right now I’m logged in via Disqus to be able to comment, and it looks like I could have done so via Facebook as well. But this isn’t the same as being logged into the site (?!?). Presumably BuddyPress allows anyone to comment as long as they’re authenticated somehow, so someone can participate in QQ in the comment threads without having a site account, yes? I guess the potential downside to that is that if individual users have a mixture of comments posted while authenticated in various ways, there won’t be one place where one could see all of their comments.

    2) I seem to remember the home page of the old QQ being somewhat more eye-catching, e.g. with images captured from aggregated posts. The current beta site seems very vanilla, just titles and text. I see that images are there if one browses the individual posts. Presumably you’ll be able to bring e.g. thumbnails onto the main page with some theme improvements over time (?).

    Thanks again.

    • That eye-catching era was hand-coded and time consuming and I had to let that drop. The homepage is mostly me bookmarking things from a train on my commutes. WordPress does give us the possibility of images–I’ll try to see if I can get some of that onto the homepage as the site develops. Good suggestion!

  • If the cost of switching is all the old URLs break, then that’s a deal breaker for me. No more monthly payment, won’t be back again.

    • Saving URLs is not even remotely feasible I’m afraid. This is something of a fresh start, to leave a dormant platform that’s only getting more and more outdated and unusable. It’s time to rip the Ning bandaid off and see what a new service can give us. I care more about your participation than the monthly payment (which—bonus!—actually should be less anyway once all’s done!

      • A mismatch of needs. Stable URLs I can embed in journal posts and have work through the years is all I care about. No worries. If Q2 is still around in 5 years with URLs not in flux, I might venture back in.

    • PS: The Ning archive seems to be working! http://quakerquaker.martinkelley.com/archive/